My favorite image in nature

Mental preparation. Relaxed jaw and shoulders. Two steps, breathe in, two steps, breathe out. For every run there are patterns, which help us run farther, faster, and stronger every time. For every run there are events and things that happen that are not in the pattern which are my favorite part of my runs. As I was running my 7 mile run for the day today I saw so many beautiful things, the first of which was this grand tree which I really wanted to climb, but didn’t have the time for.

Deer having a picnic

As I was coming around a corner I saw a car slow to a minimal speed, which at first freaked me out a little since there were no sidewalks and I didn’t want anything to happen to me on this small road. About 20 feet later I look into a large field that I soon find out that the car actually slowed to catch a peek at a family of nine deer eating some dinner near the forrest. I know this picture sucks, but not having a real camera leaves me with my 5.0 mega pixel camera with minimal zoom. So with that fact I can only show you these 9 little dots in the distance that represent the 9 bodies of the beautiful white tailed deer staring at me from the distance. I immediately called my mom to brag about my findings haha.

After mile 4 I started to notice more wildlife throughout the bushes. They say that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck. What about 2 adult and 1 baby bunnies crossing your path at three different points in my run? Seeing these little guys hopping along as fast as there little feet could take them made my run so much more enjoyable. I wish I could have pulled my phone out fast enough to capture a picture of these little guys, which may I say is the hardest thing to do before they scurry into the bushes. As soon as they catch wind that there is a person is running in their direction their little hearts pick up pace quicker than I can stop running to check them out.

Only part of the sunset I could see, still beautiful

The last two miles of my run, it started to get dark and the sky gave me this wonderful view of the tip of tonights sunset. I am, as few of you know, a huge science geek, my best subject other than fitness. To see the sun’s rays change our skies every morning and every night is an ever changing and always unexpected beauty that I, and I am sure everyone else enjoys.

Simple yet quite yummy

Recently I started a diet to jumpstart my fat burning, since according to a recent test showed that I have too much fat percentage in my body. I also started this diet to help me not be so sluggish in my runs since I have my first half marathon at the end of the month in Miami. I decided to cut out bread, for the most part, no candy, no caffeine, etc. So far I have cheated a couple times but only in moderation and just try harder to keep to my diet the next time.

Psychology said that in order to change a lifestyle that your brain is used to, it takes a few trial runs before your mind can wrap itself around the fact of a change. When someone tries to quit cigarrettes, stop drinking, or even changing a diet, it takes anywhere from one to ten and even more tries in order to switch, each person unique to their own situation. My situation is my own and I know it doesnt take a first time for me, the only difference is that I know this and am using it to help me as best as it can. Did you know that every diet works? every diet you can think of helps you lose weight, it’s up to the person’s will power and perseverance that will determine whether or not they will start to or continue to stick to it and actually lose the weight. It takes those trail runs in order to  get the brain used to the change that is being made.

Thanks for reading!