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5 weeks, 5 goals

If you all don’t know, I am obsessed with completing “To-Do” lists and I love having goals to smash into the ground with my stubbornness. So, with that said, I am deciding that over the next 5 weeks I will complete the following goals.


I love to read and I am trying to collect mystery novels, starting with James Patterson, John Grisham, and Sue Grafton. So far I have 26 out of 82 Patterson, 5 out of 25 Grisham, and 4 out of 20 Grafton novels. Right now I am working on reading the Patterson books and am currently reading the Alex cross series of Patterson (currently half way through Kiss the Girls). I plan to read a book a week, if not more, but deffinately a minimum of 5 books over the next five weeks. I also hope to be enrolled in at least one class this fall at the local community college, in an attempt to finally get my associates degree by the end of next summer semester.


I have been working really hard to get to the weight I am now but, of course, no one should ever stop improving. With that in mind, I hope to lose five more pounds in the next five weeks. A pound a week should be a reasonable amount to keep a steady rate and so that I can try to keep the weight off. Now that I don’t have a license for a while, I’ve been walking, riding my bike, and taking the bus for transportation so exercise won’t be hard. I’ll be getting back to the old hard working, exercising fool that I was and not be so lazy, sitting around in my spare time, except of course to read or study.


For the next five weeks, I hope to eat as healthy as possible. My idea of eating healthy is tons of fruit and vegetables, low carb, not a lot of meat and no added salts or sugars (meaning no sweets eekk!) Because of this I’m going to try to create five recipes for dinner to have once every week.


Time to get creative with date nights! I am attempting to save money, even though I am having more bills now that I am in the middle of paying for the end results of my DWI, school, getting a scooter, and all the other stuff that comes with being on my own. I hope to plan 5 awesome dates with my beautiful girlfriend, and best friend, that wouldn’t totally destroy our wallets haha!


I try to think of myself as a saver, doer, and an organized/clean individual. Most of the time that isn’t the case but I still try to uphold that for myself, I mean come on I’m only human :-). But, in the spirit of bettering myself I’m hoping to keep my space clean and my bank full. So, I hope that I can save a $100 dollars a week, which will be tough for me for some reason or another. Cleaning the house, well that will not be a scheduled weekly thing but I just hope that I can do a reasonable job of doing my chores.

Other than the next five weeks, I hope that over the next year I can not only get some of the things that I’ve been going through behind me (DWI) but also to be a better person and build a better future that I hope to have.

This will be some story! So here’s to challenges and keeping your head up!

Thanks for reading!

CASSanova ❤



Hey guys!

I know it’s long overdue but I have to tell you about my marathon that I ran last october! First off, let me just tell you that the next time I run a race out of town I AM GOING TO CHECK THE WEATHER! Little did I know that not only was it the end of October and it was in Washington D.C. but it was also going to be the first snow of the year in D.C. the day before the race and I did not pack anything long sleeved. Yes, I read all the articles about what to do to prepare for the BIG RACE, such as what to eat, when to eat it, when to sleep, when to run, when not to run, how to pace, how to recover, and everything in between. The only thing I didn’t prepare for apparently, was the cold. Thank goodness for the fact that the T-shirt that they gave you for running the race was long sleeved so that I could wear it and not freeze the whole next day haha.

Jacked and Tan

The night before I went to the bar in the downstairs foyer to read my book and have some dinner by myself, yes I drove to D.C. by myself to run my first marathon but I didn’t mind, mainly because I wanted to do this for myself and no one else. I had a caesar salad, pasta, and two beers before bed. The next day I woke up bright and early at 7AM for some hot cocoa and a bagel as I took the metro to the begining of the race and man was it cold! Here is basically the mile by mile pace:

Beginning of the race:: 8:15AM

5K marker:: 8:47AM

5 mile marker:: 9:08AM

15k marker:: 9:57AM

HALFWAY!!:: 10:30AM

15 mile marker:: 11:11AM

19 mile marker:: 12:03PM

22 mile marker:: 12:53PM


During the entire race, I was updating my facebook status on my phone so that my mom, who at the time lived in Florida, could feel like she was there watching me. I immediately found some random guys to take a picture of me with my finish line beer and my medal as proof. Those guys emailed me the picture a week later for me to check out :-D. Big smiles all around! When I got hired at Hooters I told them that I needed a few days off for this race, to drive on day one, run on day two and rest on day three before driving back to charlotte, and I requested off those said days. Turns out I only got two days off of work, so I had to drive back from D.C. without the proper ability to walk immediately after running my race UGH! After I finished my beer at the finish line I packed my things and left for home.

Halloween at Hooters

Now, around mile 18 my mom text me and told me to keep up the good work and be careful because I would probably hit a wall around mile 12. I text her back saying, “What are you talking about? I’m at mile 18 lol”. She was so proud of her little girl 🙂 My favorite mile, I do have to say waas mile 22 because it was there that the nice gentleman was handing out free beer for runners. Man was I happy to have some of my favorite drink.

Double fisting at the Finish Line

I was so excited to have finished my first marathon and have the huge parade of people standing on the sidelines. On top of my marine corps marathon shirt I wore my Hooters T-shirt that a bunch of the girls had signed before I left the first hooters I worked at. Even though I didn’t have anyone there to support me I did have a lot of the runners and sideline supporters yelling out to me “GOO HOOTERS!!” so that made me smile :-).

The Marine Corps Marathon was an amazing race and so much fun! I hope I am able to do another big race in the next year. We will see!

Thanks for reading!