Happy Birthday Dad!


This past weekend was my dad’s 47th birthday! Hip-Hop Hurray! My step mom Lacey put some wonderful flower arrangements spread all around the house, from rainbow roses to gladiolus arrangements.


Lacey decided to make a wonderful breakfast full of her home made pancakes, waffles and her family secret healthy pancakes. Exact recipe is to be kept a secret ;-). Pictured above is a pitcure of the pancake mix before it’s ready, and is basically made of quick oatmeal, fresh fruit, vanilla, whole wheat flower, and cinnamon.


This is the plate I made of the yummy goodness. I put one healthy pancake and half of a waffle with honey, nutella, fresh fruit and nutella. YUM!


And the above view 🙂


Maria and I went on a wonderful dinner date this week at an awesome Indian restaurant called Copper. We started off with some Naan and three different dips. A sweet dip, yogurt dip, and a slightly spicy dip.


Aaand….. We ate some appetizers. I had a green salad with goat cheese, bell peppers, onions, and carrots. Maria had the scallops appetizer that had some browned sesame seeds on top.


I took the mild approach and got the chicken masala, which had a heat index of a 4 or 5, while Maria had the lamb masala that had a heat index of a 7 or 8! Crazy girl! All together the meal was delicious and I would deffinately go there again.


Here is my unhealthy breakfast I had this morning haha. This english muffin is deffinately topped with way too much stuff, including honey, sunflower nut butter, and nutella. Yes, I am obsessed with nutella recently. I have always loved it but now I have a whole can to myself, and the people of the house of course.

This week I have ridden on my bike for over 80 miles so far and hope to get to my goal of 100 by Sunday. With all those miles ridden, I burned about 1,300 calories so far! My attempt to be healthier is on a slow but steady path, but I hope I can finally maintain the amount of fat and protein I intake.

Until next time…. Thanks for reading!