Hello all!

My name is Cassandra and I am so happy you are interested in what I have to say! I am a part time student, full time server at a nearby upscale restaurant, and full time health nut! I am here in this life to try to do all things interesting to me and to never stop learning new things. If you have anything that you would like me to try out let me know!

I love to do everything around Charlotte and try to never turn down a chance for fun with my fellow charlottians! I love all types of music and movies and books. I am very athletic and always have been. I love to read, currently reading all of james pattersons series as well as other books that my friends have recomended to me.

I grew up with two younger brothers, all of us born in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I moved to Charlotte in 1999 and have loved my time here since!

I grew up with the health mindset where I had to eat meat and bread at every meal, then of course fruits or veggies, but lately I’ve been trying to find my perfect health mindset where I am getting everything I need in a day as well as staying the weight I am, if not losing weight. I was very athletic growing up as well so I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, little did I know that that was only the case if I could counteract my intake with my exercise. Now, many other bloggers that talk about exercise and cooking have degrees or certificates in those fields, I do not. I am just an ordinary girl trying to learn my most about food and the human body in general to better myself and help better the lives of other ladies and gets like myself.

I hope to get my degree in health information technology and a minor in biology. For fun I hope to get a certificate for personal traning and to try and learn as much as I can about cooking/baking without going to culinary school, since I cannot afford it. I have just recently gotten a Johnson and Wales culinary book and hope to learn as much as I can from this!

I am also in love with a beautiful woman names Maria. She is so beautiful, strong, intelligent, and my best friend. She and I have been together since the beggining of this year and I hope to be with her for a while and our future together is a long and beautiful.

This is my journey to find a healthier, happier me as well as some friends along the way!

Thanks for reading!