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Pesce en Pappillote

Being on a budget has been forcing me to get creative with meals, so I started watching cooking

shows, going online to find ideas and looking up budget dinners. One thing that caught my eye was

this meal that consists of basically fish and vegetables. Since the ingredients only showed me

how to make the main meal I decided to create an appetizer made from things I found around

the kitchen and also adding rice and Brussel sprouts as additives to make the meal a little more filling.


First things first, gathering all my ingredients. For the appetizer I decided to take some english

muffins and make my own type of bruschetta.


I wanted to make something that had as much flavoring as the original bruschetta has, but since I

 didn’t have basil to top it off with, I replaced it with jalapeno. Now, I am not the biggest

fan of the heat that the jalapeno bring to a dish, so I added some cheese on top.


Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, or until the edges of the english muffins have just barely browned

and the cheese has melted.


Look at how pretty! Whenever I try to create a dish or a meal in general, my favorite rule is to use

lots of color! I love all the different colors you can find in vegetables and fruits.


Now for the main course. The first step was to get a small bowl of Julienne carrots and Zucchini.

The first picture at the top shows that I had a cheese grater at my side. Since I don’t have

the best knives a cook could ask for, I used the grater to make the tiny pieces of vegetable,

which was so much easier! Add a little salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice and

I’ve finished the toppings.


Pesce en Papillote is Italian for fish in paper, basically I’m just trying to sound smart

by putting the title in Italian rather than just saying it in english, plus it just sounds better!

Now the only thing that I should have done differently was to cut the fish into smaller filets

than I did with this one so it doesn’t take so long to cook. All I did was put the fish on a big square

sheet of parchment paper, add the special toppings, place some lemon slices, red wine vinegar

and a couple of sprigs of thyme on the cod

(you can really use any kind of white fish if you want).


Start fold the parchment paper around the fish, kind of like a turnover, tightly so that

nothing can escape too easily. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes

and let it sit for a few minutes before digging in!


Finished product! I know the picture isn’t too pleasing but I forgot to take a

picture before I started to eat it.


and for dessert… a lovely greek yogurt parfait. YUM!


After dinner, the dogs were so good about not begging that Maria gave them some treats

and taught them a few new tricks. I love that girl!

I know that I am not the most professional cook or the most knowledgable

but I do know that I love to cook and I am still learning a lot about food that I

didn’t know before, which is my favorite part!

Thanks to Melissa d’Arabian for my inspiration for this dinner!

Hurray for budget meals and creativity.

Thanks for reading!



Never stop Improving!

Happy Birthday Dad!


This past weekend was my dad’s 47th birthday! Hip-Hop Hurray! My step mom Lacey put some wonderful flower arrangements spread all around the house, from rainbow roses to gladiolus arrangements.


Lacey decided to make a wonderful breakfast full of her home made pancakes, waffles and her family secret healthy pancakes. Exact recipe is to be kept a secret ;-). Pictured above is a pitcure of the pancake mix before it’s ready, and is basically made of quick oatmeal, fresh fruit, vanilla, whole wheat flower, and cinnamon.


This is the plate I made of the yummy goodness. I put one healthy pancake and half of a waffle with honey, nutella, fresh fruit and nutella. YUM!


And the above view 🙂


Maria and I went on a wonderful dinner date this week at an awesome Indian restaurant called Copper. We started off with some Naan and three different dips. A sweet dip, yogurt dip, and a slightly spicy dip.


Aaand….. We ate some appetizers. I had a green salad with goat cheese, bell peppers, onions, and carrots. Maria had the scallops appetizer that had some browned sesame seeds on top.


I took the mild approach and got the chicken masala, which had a heat index of a 4 or 5, while Maria had the lamb masala that had a heat index of a 7 or 8! Crazy girl! All together the meal was delicious and I would deffinately go there again.


Here is my unhealthy breakfast I had this morning haha. This english muffin is deffinately topped with way too much stuff, including honey, sunflower nut butter, and nutella. Yes, I am obsessed with nutella recently. I have always loved it but now I have a whole can to myself, and the people of the house of course.

This week I have ridden on my bike for over 80 miles so far and hope to get to my goal of 100 by Sunday. With all those miles ridden, I burned about 1,300 calories so far! My attempt to be healthier is on a slow but steady path, but I hope I can finally maintain the amount of fat and protein I intake.

Until next time…. Thanks for reading!