A little bit ago I started to use a personal trainer who said that I had to start to do cardio at least 3 times a week on top of the two times a week I had strength training in order to get to the goal that I wanted in the time that I wanted.

Now, I personally love to run whether it be with music or without, alone or by someones side, a hilly trail or a flat one, all shapes and sizes of running I see as enjoyable. To me enjoying something can mean to feel good about what you did, what the results are or just the fact that you had fun.

I am fairly new to running but I am increasing this skill very well and hope to complete a marathon in the next year! Below I will put the races I do. Can’t wait to star making Personal Records and competing with other girls I read about or meet up with!


1. Hog Jog 2010 5K — 29:51

2. Race for the Cure 2010 5k — 30:51

3. Clean Air Carolina 2011 5k — 27:50 — 3rd place in age group

4.  Work Smart Play Harder Half Marathon — 3 hours

5. Marine Corps Marathon — 5 hours & 36 minutes