A while ago I had decided to write down some things that I had never doner before and wanted to do, this list was only about 10 items long, I found that list and decided to add to it and try and finish it by next year.

Running Goals

Run a 5k (Sept 11, 2010)

Run a 5k in 26 minutes

Run a 10k

Run a 10k in 55 minutes

Run a 15k

Run a 15k in 1:45

Run a Half Marathon (June 26, 2011)

Run a Half Marathon in 2:10

(October 30, 2011)

Run a Marathon

(October 30, 2011)

Run a Marathon in 4:30

Run three or more races in one month

Get my 5k time under 9 minutes per mile

Health Goals

Eat meat only three times a week for 6 weeks

Workout 4 x’s a week for 4 weeks (Sept-Oct 2010)

Weigh less than 150 (May 2011)

Be able to run 15 miles on my own time (June 2011)

Maintain some sort of diet for a month

Have less than 30% fat

Have less than 25% fat

Life Goals

Move into an apartment (April 2011)

Finish my Bachelors degree

Get certification as a personal trainor

Get certification as a masseuse

Get certification as a yoga teacher

Become a registered dietician

Make straight A’s

Start a budget (Oct 2010)/ have 1,000 in a savings account (February 2011)

Other Goals

Help out 5 people without anything in return

Carve a pumpkin

Go apple picking

Go skydiving

Go white water rafting

Climb a small mountain

Cook a healthy yet savory meal for 4 or more people

Go on a cruise (Aug 28-Sept2 2010)

Drive cross country (June 2009)

Kept a paying job for a year (2009-2010)

Go to NYC

Random things I would enjoy doing

Run a race next to someone who can push me to do better

Kiss in the rain

Travel to Cali again

Travel to Europe with a friend (not a class)

Go to Miami (June 2011)

Win a bikini contest again

Get new snowboard

Get new snowboard gear

Buy a cookbook for every country/type of eating